10 Pieces of Essential Saltwater Fishing Gear


    Fishing and boating can be one of the best, most relaxing of summer activities.The act of preparing your fishing gear signals the beginnings of  summer. Estimates are that more than 20 million of Americans take part in saltwater fishing activities every year. The types of Saltwater Fishing Gear used for saltwater fishing can vary depending whether its an ocean, estuary, or saltwater lake and the particular fish that fishermen are looking to catch. Beginners don’t have to purchase expensive new equipment right off as used basic stuff like rod and reel can be found easily enough. Just make sure that you have the minimum tools in their tackle box for a successful trip.

    Saltwater Fishing Gear

    •Fishing Rods

    Fishing Rods

    Graphite and fiberglass fishing rods are the ones you are most likely to see. The graphite poles are a little more expensive than fiberglass but are more durable. They are also lighter in weight and easier to use. Whichever rod you end up using, you should clean it frquently to keep the saltwater from causing corrosion.

    •Fishing Reels

    Fishing Reels

    Saltwater fishing reels are made to be durable and can stand up to the corrosive effects of the saltwater. A good reel shoukd to simplify line casting, so this is why spinning reels are the best as with one you will cast a good distance with the wind not affecting the cast. Pick one that you will be able to easily carry, and it should hold over 100 yards. The best ones are aluminum as its easier to control the line’s movement as you haul in big fish.

    Deep Sea Fishing Equipment

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